Sparcie's Lo-tech web-page

Welcome to my super-outdated lo-tech web page. I've set this up mostly as a location to store downloads for my blog as wordpress doesn't have the facility for ordinary files, only media. You can find my blog at and the downloads on this site here.

I used to run this on a Sparcstation 20 with 2x 50Mhz and 1x 60Mhz Supersparc processors. Surprisingly despite its age it did a pretty good job. Some time ago I changed this machine to run on a socket 478 Celeron 2.4Ghz so I could save some power and use the Sparcstation as a vintage desktop machine. It did the job fairly well at a cost of roughly 60-120W.

I've now upgraded to a HP thin client running an AMD GX-415GA Quad core @ 1.5Ghz. This is surprisingly quite a bit faster and is significantly more power efficient (using about 7W at idle about 17W max).
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